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Terroristic Threats and the Future of Local Politics

An RRISD school board candidate and her supporters are receiving used tampons and dildos in the mail.

Think about that a moment. Someone has taken the time to gather and box these items, find addresses for supporters of a candidate and the candidate herself, and then sent them through the US mail. To what? For what purpose? As a joke? Hardly. It’s intimidation and terroristic threats plain and simple.

What has happened to our cities, counties, and nation that this kind of behavior is seen as anything other than unacceptable?

To those that call for us to meet our political opponents in the middle, I ask you. Where is the middle in this instance? How far must we let them drag us towards chaos before we stand up and say no more?

I’m all for reasoned, rational debate. I know not everyone will agree with me or my ideas. That plurality of ideas is what makes us human and taking advantage of those ideas is what made this nation great. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. Hate me because of my blue hair, then we might have a problem. It seems like such a silly thing to hate.

I recently came across two posts from two very different authors. One is a Presbyterian minister and the other a writer for the Atlantic. Jim Rigby said trying to define God was impossible. “Whatever is the source of space and time cannot be a being WITHIN space and time. Any human definition of the infinite is a contradiction in terms.” David French says the new Trump supporter narrative is something like this: “Why do I stand with Trump? Because God has appointed him for this moment. And the hatred of the Democrats is proof.”

These two posts seem to have nothing in common at first glance. One is a religious and ontological argument about the nature of the divine. The other tries to explain the radicalization of the average Trump supporter. I see a common theme, however. One that to me speaks to the real danger of this radicalization – they’ve defined God and God’s desires and enemies. That they happen to coincide with their own perceived desires and enemies doesn’t strike them with any kind of hypocrisy, yet it is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Why did I digress from my earlier talking points to venture into ontology and political philosophy? Because they shed a light on what happened to that school board candidate. If your opposition is evil and you believe that your side has been appointed by God, then there are no limits to what you can do or say. You’ve become radicalized. For the radical, the true believer, all means are necessary to defeat those opposed to your beliefs.

Today it’s tampons and dildos. What will it be tomorrow? And who will be next?

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