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It's Time to Show the Pictures

So much is going on in the world these days that picking one topic to write about is sometimes difficult. Topics abound but one stands out for me today. Last night I watched a video by Eleven Films called “This is Not a Movie”. I’ve linked it down below if you have seen it.

I’ve also added another video showing what exactly it is an AR-15 does to the human body or at least its pork equivalent.

Activists managed to convince the Surgeon General to require warnings on every packet of cigarettes by showing the damage that smoking does to the body. I believe it’s time we start doing the same with AR-15s. Not with video of ballistic jelly or sides of pork but the actual photos from the crime scenes, autopsies, and ERs so we can no longer deny what it is that a semi-automatic AR-15 was designed to do – kill an unarmored human being in the fastest, most brutal manner.

Being shown the effects of tobacco created a fundamental change in the way we viewed the habit. The images of blackened lungs, damaged throats, and faces meant we could no longer dismiss the consequences. Changes in how we advertised tobacco products, allowed their use in public spaces, and educated our children about their dangers caused a rapid decline in their use. Enough so that Big Tobacco moved its focus into new markets overseas, markets without such laws.

It won’t be pretty, these pictures showing the damage done to victims of our obsession with guns, but they are necessary. Necessary to understand why they need to be banned. They were designed to do one thing only – kill people. These are weapons of war not hunting rifles. You generally want something left behind when you hunt and not a giant gaping hole filled with bone and bullet fragments. Certainly not something to kill prairie dogs. Just in case you’re wondering, yes people really shoot prairie dogs with AR-15s. Just for the practice of course so they can learn to be precise when they go off hunting bigger game and clear out, I shit you not, varmints.

I know every owner of an assault rifle isn’t planning the next mass shooting. They find the experience of shooting them fun and entertaining. Blowing holes in pork roasts or blowing apart prairie dogs is a far cry from killing another human being. It’s distanced enough that one can convince themselves it’s just for sport. After all, we no longer need to hunt to feed our families. We can go down to the local HEB and buy all the meat we need.

Still, the fact remains that you can buy an AR-15 online, at gun shops and shows. They range from $400 to $3500. Add another $400 or so for a 1000 rounds of full metal jacket 5.56 rounds and you, too, can be ready to kill prairie dogs… or something a bit larger.

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