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What to do when your landlord won’t fix what’s broken

Withholding rent to force your landlord to make repairs is not as simple as many think. The Texas Property Code has specific requirements that must be met before a tenant can force the issue. It also has limits on how much you can deduct from your rent.


Mental Health Part Two

Terminal Uniqueness, Toxic Individualism, and Mental Health.

I take two medications daily. Likely, I’ll be taking them for the rest of my life. Both are for chemical imbalances. One of those drugs and the disorder it treats would raise no eyebrows. It’s common drug therapy for a common problem. The other is much the same but the disorder it treats carries a stigma.


Mental Health Part One

As of this moment, I have run 60 death inquests. Of those, I have 3 whose pending outcome is still somewhat in question. Nearly half are natural causes. (I get a lot of hospital deaths since I have the county trauma center and two other hospitals in my Precinct.) Of the remaining deaths, 20 are accidents and 9 are suicides.


The legal fiction of corporate personhood

Generally, corporate personhood allows companies to hold property, enter contracts, and to sue and be sued just like a human being. In fact, many times a small business owner will incorporate to protect themselves from personal liability. In other words, if you want to sue your auto repair person for faulty workmanship but the company he works for, even if he is the owner, is a corporation or LLC, you can’t sue him directly. You must sue the corporation or business.



“You’re ugly.” “You smell.” “You’re stupid.”

Pushed into a locker. Tripped getting to your seat. Books knocked off your desk.

Being isolated. Having no one willing to sit with you. Whispers and rumors and giggles following you.

These are all forms of bullying. They happen every day in our schools. They are NOT acceptable, normal behavior. They hurt everyone involved – the child who’s bullied, the child who bullies, the bystanders, the teachers and the parents. It’s directly related to an increased risk of truancy. Addressing the bullying problem in our schools starts with acknowledging the problem.

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