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One of the options we give people who have a hard time paying their fines is community service. Sometimes, community service is part of their remedial order, especially for juveniles. I thought I’d go over some of the options available in our area.

We tell people that they can volunteer with any non-profit in the area that will agree to sign off on their hours. Goodwill is a common source of hours, but there are plenty of other options.


Food Deserts in Wilco

A food desert is defined as an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. "Many poor people live in food deserts—where they have plenty of food but none of it healthy". Where are the food deserts in our county, specifically in Precinct 4, and what can we do about them?



We’ve talked about death and inquests. Now, let’s talk about donating your organs and/or body after death. There are several ways your decisions today can help numerous others after your death. You can donate organs, tissue and even your full body.



In the Justice Court, all class C cases are punishable by fine. The maximum fine for any class C misdemeanor is $500. Court costs vary but are generally under $100, with a few exceptions. Traffic tickets have set maximum amounts that may be less than $500 depending upon the offense. What happens when an individual is unable to pay the fine and court costs? Defendants have several options to pay their fines – payment plans, community service and indigency.


Anxiety and Depression in Youth

It’s rare for me to go through a day in truancy court and not hear from a teen that part of the reason they have excessive absences from school is their anxiety or depression. In fact, the CDC says that 7.1% of children aged 3-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety and another 3.2% of that age group have been diagnosed with depression. Having another disorder is most common in children with depression: about 3 in 4 children aged 3-17 years with depression also have anxiety (73.8%) and almost 1 in 2 have behavior problems (47.2%).


Protective order? Restraining Order? Peace Bond?

Protective order, restraining order and peace bond are three legal terms regarding people’s behavior that vary in important ways. Only one of these are issued by a Justice of the Peace. The others are matters for higher courts. People often confuse these terms and think they are interchangeable since they all deal with placing restraints on behavior.


So you want to loan a friend some money

Folks loan friends and family money all the time. Most of the time, nothing untoward happens. The money gets repaid or the loan forgiven and all is well. But sometimes, well, things go south. The money never gets repaid and relationships suffer.


Death Inquests and You

Death is a part of life. Most of us try to avoid thinking about this essential fact, but it comes for us all. When it comes for you or someone you love and circumstances dictate law enforcement involvement, this is when I, as a Justice of the Peace, get involved.