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Today is the last day to vote early in your local elections. You’re voting to choose new council members and mayors for your cities. The turnout for these local elections is usually abysmal. Often fewer than 5% of the eligible voters will cast a ballot. In a city the size of Taylor, which has an estimated population of 18, 254, that means roughly 912 people cast a ballot and decide the direction of city government. That assumes all 18,000 plus are eligible voters. They’re not. Some are too young to vote, some are not registered, some have lost the privilege. So, the number of people that decide Taylor’s government is much smaller. If voting trends hold true, well fewer than a 1,000 people will vote in Taylor. The same holds true in larger municipalities across the county.


Perils of Pro Se

A pro se defendant is one who represents himself and has no legal counsel present. It’s a common occurrence in Justice Court to see one or both sides self-represent. It’s not necessarily a bad thing despite the adage that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

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